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 (780) 354-3423
Store hours: Tuesday - Saturday

9:30 am - 5:30 pm

We keep our Friday class space open just for you!!
Any project. Any skill level. And never a fee.

If you need a structured place to help you get motivated or inspired, come on down and create something special with us.
We would love to see what you are working on!

We have 3 large ironing tables/stations for your use.
And you can spread out on your own large table - lots of room.

We have a large design wall if you need help organizing your blocks and a light table in case you need it for any applique tracing.

Staff are available for questions and help.
We have class machines for a *small rental fee, but please let us know if you are considering a machine purchase and you would like to trial a floor model out. There are so many wonderful features on our Husqvarna Viking machines, we are sure to find the perfect fit.

Coffee/tea station and small fridge to store your snacks. Please feel free to bring your own insulated tote bag for your own goodies.

AND.... *when statutory holidays fall on a Friday - we switch it up to Finishing Thursdays!

Upcoming Events

Embroidery Monthly Club 2023 (1st Wed every month)

Monthly Club that meets the 1st Wednesday every month. This is a great opportunity for learning and meeting up with folks that are also enjoy machine embroidery. Bring any embroidery project to work on. Staff are available for loads of help and encouragement. Scent free classroom. $75 annual fee. 10 am to 4 pm. Instructor: Fay

Tribal Song (Thur Jun 8/23)

Tribal Song is inspired by the rich Native American history in the mountains of Western North Carolina. It features bold, geometric shapes which gives it a tribal yet modern feel. We can't wait to see what fabrics you pull for this quilt. Will it be bold, subtle or ombre? Class sewing machine rentals are available for a nominal fee - call the store to reserve. 780-354-3423. Pattern required. Scent Free Classroom. 10 am to 4 pm. Instructor: Erin

Quilt Till You Wilt (Sat Jun 10/23)

Come join us with any project that you are currently working on or want to start. It's an incredibly fun all day event with meals included. Staff are around if you need any help and are likely joining to get some WIPs of their own done! Class sewing machine rentals are available for a nominal fee - call the store to reserve. 780-354-3423. Scent Free Classroom. 9am to 9pm. In-store specials will be announced at the beginning of the day for participants to enjoy!

Jun 14
Paper Piecing Club 2023 (2nd Wednesday every month)
Jun 15
Mondo Bag (Thur June 15/23)
Jun 22
Embroidery Monthly Club 2023 (4th Thurs every month)